Trading Accounts, Payments and Delivery

  • The status of your account may be either ‘Cash’ or ‘Full Credit’ – please refer to your account application approval letter.
  • For the first three orders your account will be ‘Cash’ unless otherwise stated.
  • In opening the account we are of the understanding that you have the necessary qualifications to specify the appropriate products for each installation.
  • Cash accounts must be paid before dispatch of goods can be made.
  • We do not offer a collection service – all orders are dispatched by courier.
  • Full credit accounts are entitled to receive credit as per our terms of ‘20th month following’. Your account will be set up with a credit limit.  ShouldAtelier Textiles Ltd deem the credit terms are not being met, we reserve the right to revert the account status to a Cash account or in severe circumstances, the account will be closed.
  • All furniture orders require 50% deposit at the time of order, with the balance prior to dispatch. IfAtelier Textileshas arranged freight and handling, customs, clearance and duty, this will be charged on the account in accordance with the established terms.
  • Garrett Leather orders require FULL payment before order is placed with supplier.
  • Atelier Textilesreserves the right to close the account due to inactivity, without notice.
  • If an account is overdue,Atelier Textilesmay hold any pending orders until payment has been made.
  • All payments shall be made on the 20th day of the month following invoice.
  • Any discounts given are only applicable if the payment is received on or before the 20th of the month following invoice.
  • Unless otherwise specified, terms of payment are strictly net.
  • All goods remain the property ofAtelier Textilesunless paid in full.
  • Atelier Textilesreserves the right to charge interest on all monies outstanding.
  • If the amount owing is to be handed to a Debt Collection Agency you will be responsible for all expenses incurred (currently 25% of the amount owing)


  • All prices are wholesale and exclude Goods and Service Tax (GST).
  • We reserve the right to alter prices and withdraw any goods without notice.
  • Atelier will invoice the sale of our products on the basis of the prices in force on the day of delivery.
  • Many of our suppliers offer a piece discount on 50m or more – please request at the time of order.


  • All orders are subject to acceptance byAtelier Textilesand all indent orders will be acknowledged with an order confirmation. Please check this thoroughly.
  • If any written confirmation of an oral or telephone order does not expressly and prominently state that it is a confirmation of an existing order you shall be responsible for the duplication of the order and shall pay all cancellation/return charges and any applicable freight and clearing charges.
  • Future requests for additional metreage from the same style and dyelot will be accommodated where possible.
  • Please note that most brands are able to be ordered in 1m minimums – however please check as many have either 2 or 3 yard minimums. Please check whether the brand is ordered in metres or yards – and in what increments. In some cases smaller orders can be accommodated with an additional cutting fee.
  • Atelier Textilesretains the right (on behalf of our suppliers) to ship 2 or more pieces to fill an order unless a customer specifies the piece measurements.
  • Atelier strongly recommends CFA’s (cuttings for approval) as batches may vary in colour, weave and yarn – such deviations are not defects. When a CFA is requested, this should be accompanied by the specific reserve information so that the particular batch will be held. Once the CFA has been approved, please place all relevant details on the order.
  • When placing an order please always supply the brand, fabric name and colour, and the code number.
  • If possible, please supply cuts required.
  • If the fabric is a check/plaid and is to be made into a Roman Blind, please advise at the time of ordering – however often pattern variation will occur. Always check the exact horizontal repeat when measuring for blinds and curtains.
  • All pattern repeats listed in the price lists and on sampling is approximate. This can vary from one batch to another. Repeats in hand loomed fabrics may vary even more – side matching on ikats, stripes, checks, plaids and ribbed pattern will not be exact.
  • We recommend that a generous allowance is made when ordering fabric for drapes.
  • Please also check whether a pattern has a half drop repeat as this will affect the quantity required.
  • Variability in the width and length of fabrics is inherent to their composition and texture.Atelier Textilesrechecks all fabrics on receipt intoAuckland, however due to hygrometry factors a difference in length and width of between 3 – 5% should be considered normal. Many natural fibres such as linen, may be affected as much as 7%.
  • Please check for the cleaning instructions – generally this will be a drycleaning instruction. We recommend a professional always conducts a test before cleaning.
  • Many handspun and handloomed fabrics have inherent slubs, colour variation etc – this is part of the beauty of the fabric and is not to be construed as faulty.
  • All of the companies represented byAtelier Textilessupply fabrics especially designed to withstand light in a manner compatible with their use in furnishing and interior decoration. However exposure to air and ageing will inevitably result in colour degradation over time.New Zealand’s ultraviolet and infrared radiation should be avoided – no guarantee is able to be offered in this respect, with the exception of Perennials who offer 3 years on the woven and 1 year on the printed acrylic Outdoor Fabrics. If a fabric is required to be particularly light fast we recommend fibres such as acrylic, Trevira cs and polyester to name just a few. Please ask for suggestions.
  • The fabrics atAtelier Textilesare manufactured to the highest of standards. However in regard to certain qualities of fabrics, visible blemishes or slight imperfections may appear while complying with the professionally acceptable standards and are technically unavoidable and shall under no circumstances give rise to a claim. This may also be termed ‘International Tolerance’, and covers minor issues with printing and weaving.
  • Fabrics that have been embossed or moiré do not withstand humidity, brushing or drycleaning.
  • For velvets, mirroring due to locally differentiated refraction of light may be apparent due to the flattening of the pile when used for seating. This is inevitable and natural. It is also possible that velvet may be creased or crushed in transit, causing effects of sheen or flattening. This shall not be deemed a defect and shall not give rise to a claim.
  • In the event that we have had bespoke finishes applied on a fabric (eg Teflon, flame retardancy etc) Atelier disclaims any and all responsibility for the consequences thereof.
  • In all casesAtelier Textilesis not responsible for poor workmanship of your chosen workroom – application must be undertaken in accordance with the rules of the art of upholstery and related trades.
  • Our fabrics are delivered to professional customers who are knowledgeable in regard to the special conditions which apply to their use, preservation and application. You are therefore responsible, as the sole judge, for their choice, destination and use.Atelier Textilesshall not stand substitute for you in regard to the duty of advice with respect to the final customer. The majority of our products have supporting tests and associated standards – please do not hesitate to ask for all available information.


The manufacturer or Atelier Textiles assumes no responsibility for installation of material        beyond two panels/drops  and will not be held responsible for labour under any      circumstances.

Loan Samples

Loan samples  remain the property of Atelier Textiles whether loaned directly to       account-holder or third party.  If a sample is lost or mutilated while out on loan Atelier    Textiles  reserves the right to invoice for replacement.


  • Any time or date for delivery either on the confirmation or stated verbally, is approximate only and not of any contractual effect.Atelier Textilesshall not be under any liability in respect of any failure to deliver at any particular time or date. In an event of delay we will endeavour to advise you as soon as practicably possible
  • When a separate shipment is requested at your own expense (whether by courier or airfreight consolidation) you will be responsible for the amount owing even if it differs from the prices estimated. These prices are outside the control ofAtelier Textilesand will be on-charged as charged to us.
  • If you refuse or fail to take delivery of the goods tendered,Atelier Textileswill be entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect and recover from you any loss and additional costs incurred as a result of such refusal or failure.

Returns and Claims

  • Please ensure that all orders are checked on receipt of goods for faults, correct length, design and colour.
  • This responsibility also includes orders delivered to third parties.
  • Please phone immediately to advise us of a problem. We will subsequently reserve replacement fabric from the same batch in readiness of the returned goods.
  • Claims will not be accepted for faulty goods after the fabric has been cut.
  • Please advise us in writing(by courier or registered mail), within 7 days, the nature of the fault, and the required metreage to complete the job. Please include the invoice number to enable the faster processing of claims.
  • Atelier Textiles’ warehouseman checks every piece of fabric receipted intoAucklandprior to dispatching your order. If a fault is found we will call you urgently to advise of the situation, and consequent action.
  • In no event shall we be liable for an amount greater than that of the original invoice. In the event of a claim at a later date, a depreciated figure of 25% per annum for the first year, and 40% per annum thereafter may be considered.

Please Note!!



FABRICUT:                                           1 YARD MINIMUM ORDER AND ¼  YARD INCREMENTS.

FORNASETTI:                                        SOME PRINTS SOLD ONLY BY THEIR REPEAT.

GARRETT LEATHER:                             ½  HIDES, 1 YARD WITH ½  YARD INCREMENTS.

PERENNIALS:                                       2 YARD MINIMUM ORDER WITH ½  YARD INCREMENTS.

RUBELLI:                                               SOME PRINTS SOLD ONLY BY THEIR REPEAT.

S HARRIS:                                             1 YARD MINIMUM ORDER AND ¼  YARD INCREMENTS.



VERVAIN:                                               1 YARD MINIMUM ORDER AND ¼  YARD INCREMENTS.


THEO                                                      1 YARD MINIMUM ORDER AND ¼ YARD INCREMENTS.

JOHNENGLAND                                    5 METRE MINIMUM

SAMUEL & SONS                                     1 YARD MINIMUM AND ¼ YARD INCREMENTS.

BRADLEY                                                50% DEPOSIT


Meter/ Yard Conversion

1 METRE = 1/093 YARDS
1 YARD   = 0.9144 METERS

We thank you for your interest in opening a trade account

Please note we require signatures on both page 3 and page 8 of the attached account application, as as part of the application process, we require all 8 pages to be returned to us when completed.

• It is at Atelier’s discretion – based on relevant qualifications, experience and references – whether your account application will be successful, but we will endeavour to let you know as soon as possible on receipt of this application.