Manuel Canovas 2015 Collection

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“Faithful to the French art de vivre and with a sense of nostalgia for the eighteenth century, the house of Manuel Canovas has delved into their beautiful archive of oriental printed Indiennes and old suzanis brought back from Persia, from Coromandel, the Ottoman Empire and the Levant, to inspire us… The common thread running through this new 2015 Canovas collection is the ‘camaie, that musical shading of colours and tones that enchants our embroidered, woven or printed backgrounds… Visual and subtle gradations of deep reds – cochineal reds, madder red, carnation pink… of intense blues – indigo blue, French blue, south sea blue, delft blue… of bright greens – Chartreuse green, absinthe green, celadon green… Varied patterns depicting medallions, sinuous branches, scrolls of foliage, meandering floral motifs and ribbon-tied garlands adorn our fabrics and coordinate with a set of graphic stripes that lend a more contemporary feel to the collection. An extremely elegant and timeless set of plains and semi-plains establishes a link between our key fabrics in a palette of rich, joyful and unique tones…”

Ariane Dalle, Design Director