Jim Thompson Wallcoverings

House of Klong

When Jim Thompson decided to build his house on a canal in Bangkok in the 1950’s, he created a small architectural treasure – his “House on the Klong”. Even after his mysterious disappearance in the jungles of Malaya, his unique teak home has continued to welcome guests in an environment that showcases the best of Thai and Asian art and architecture. In honour of his memory and his unique aesthetic sense, Jim Thompson’s first collection of wallpaper has been named House of Klong.

Visitors to his house, now a private museum open to the public, never cease to be impressed by the warm, welcoming atmosphere Jim Thompson created when he assembled a series of antique Thai houses in his own individual style. In developing our new wallpaper collection Jim Thompson have sought to create the same sensual, warm and welcoming atmosphere that is imbued in the House of Klong. To create these remarkable new wallpapers we turned to the “essence” of Jim Thompson for inspirations: our luxurious hand-woven silks. Our new wallpapers share the same rich textures, classic designs and wonderful elegance associated with all our textiles.