No 9 Thompson 2014 Collection


Using solution dyed Flyer ™ yarns from Italy, with the most trusted and proven performance, Richard Smith has designed the Palm Willow Weaves collection for No.9 Thompson. 7 exciting designs inspired by basketwork, nature and traditional hand-woven crafts are brought to life in a color palette that works beautifully with January 2014’s other collections:



‘Pagoda and Palms’ is the first and long awaited collection of exuberant wallpapers. Richard Smith has chosen some of his favourite, classic No.9 fabrics and reinterpreted them as wallpapers. Into this heady mix he has added some exciting new designs, inspired by Chinese arts and crafts, and retold in a whimsical way.



Richard Smith has taken inspiration from Chinese ceramics, textiles, lacquerwork and reinterpreted these through his inimitable, hand-painted artwork. Whilst the palette remains true to No.9 there are also new and exciting colors to tempt and inspire, amongst which charcoal, lilac and citron are just three …Needless to say, with the introduction of the long awaited, first No.9 wallpaper collection, several designs cross over both medium and all work harmoniously together.