Manuel Canovas Candles

Bois de lune

A rich, velvety, woody note with red cedar, rosewood, Chinese tea and wild berries. Clean like forest rain, for a luminous moment of breath and space.

Brune et d’or

A sensual and oriental note with cinnamon, myrrh and vanilla. Esoteric yet meditative flavours for a sense of distant places.

Empire Celeste

Voluptuous and exotic notes of rose, violet, orange blossom and wallflower. An immersive journey into the richness and depth of sensory life.

Fleur de coton

A green and pastoral note with wild everlasting, linden flower, white-thorn and morning dew. A scent to evoke the buoyancy of a summer meadow.

Jardin de Lantana

A whirlwind of fresh radiant garden colors, verbena, lantana, mango, blackcurrant bud, mint leaves and coconut. Intimations of equatorial lushness and splendor.

Matin de Perles

A soft and light note of peony, forget-me-not, osmanthus and acacia wood. An essential element for creating a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Nuit de Serendip

A floral and sensuous note with freesia, tuberose, jasmine and orange blossom. A hint of mystery and romance singing their evening song.

Opus Incertum

A sweet note of furze, acacia flower, fresh hazelnut, blue chamomile and white cedar. Fresh and alive as a vibrant new morning.

Palais d’Ete

A floral note with jasmine, lily of the valley, peony, and honeysuckle. A synthesis of ingredients that is cleansing and stimulating, to gently awaken the surroundings.