Jim Thompson 2014 Collection – Temple of Dawn & Singing in the Rain


A historic landmark in the heart of old Bangkok, the Temple of Dawn with its gleaming spires reflecting on the river in the morning sun serves as the inspiration for their dazzling new Jim Thompson landmark collection. Temple of Dawn known as ‘Wat Arun’ in Thai with decorations and mural paintings that boast a vast array of patinas, serves as the focal point for the creation of their stunning new collection.


In old Siam the tropical monsoon rains were an annual event that transformed the dry, parched fields into a lush verdant landscape. For weeks the heavy showers would fill the air with a humid breathe that stirred the earth back to life. Based on the tradition of weaving silks and cottons, the Singing in the Rain collection goes one step further with fabrics that look like their natural counterparts, but are made of acrylic fibres. As a result this collection has a rich, traditional quality, yet the fabrics will endure and hold up to challenging outdoors conditions.