Jane Churchill 2013 Collection- Creative Contrasts

Jane Churchill

Abstract graphics and colourful embroideries define the relaxed sophistication of the new Jane Churchill 2013 Collection. Layers of expressive patterns combined with an offbeat palette of smoky metallics and rich warm hues give a sense of diversity to the two distinctive themes.

Jane Churchill’s autumn collection is about creative contrasts. The new range from ethnic embroideries featuring geometric and botanical patterns, to luxurious silks accentuated by intricate detail and stylized swirls.

A stunning variety of designs from the essence of this new portfolio, from the edged hourglass motif of the TOPAZ design to the rhythmic waves of the MELA and DUNE repeats. Gorgeous textural weaves and velvets sit alongside lively colour patterns, while subtle ikats and bright stripes add a graphic element that is perfect for relaxed settings and can be layered to create a rich, eclectic look.

A bold blended silk gives the elegant CARUS the same subtle shimmer that forms the base note for the structured OMEGA, with its twisted stripes of cut embroidery. Shades of charcoal, pewter and midnight blue make this collection particularly atmospheric, and pose a counterpoint to the colourful weaves like MUNRO and LOREN.

Although predominantly modern, many of these patterns suggest a hint of the artisan, giving those such as PARADISE GARDEN, AMARA and ORISSA and exotic look. This contemporary take on traditional deign is key to the Jane Churchill style.