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LABYRINTH Collection

The Labyrinth Border reinterprets the geometry and proportions of the classic architectural mazes from Grecian antiquity.

The Labyrinth Border was inspired by the proportions and configuration of the classic architectural mazes from Grecian antiquity. Taking the structure of the original architecture, we extracted sections of the mazes and developed a new geometry. Clean and graphic in its rendering, this tailored design is created through a series of raised satin stitches which sit above a refined ground. Our dual-tone approach to color varies from the subtlety of neutrals in Twine to the high contrast of navy against ivory in Midnight.  There are also several vivid, tone-on-tone interpretations such as in Ruby, Palm and Azure.  The Labyrinth border is classical in its inspiration and contemporary in its articulation.


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Patterning for the Seychelles Collection was inspired by the imagery of undulating waves in the sea, as well as the impressions they leave behind in the sand.

The Seychelles collection was inspired by the natural materials and array of colors
found in the untouched paradise of the Indian Ocean archipelago.

Patterning for Seychelles came from the sea: the imagery of undulating waves and the impressions they leave in the sand. This is rendered in each of the collection’s styles from the headers of the wood bead fringes to the borders.  Woven of cotton, which is indigenous to the Seychelles island chain, the collection offers two wood-beaded fringes, a 2″ border and 1/2″ gimp. The first of the wood bead fringes is a slender, satin glazed teardrop and the second is satin glazed globes.

The color palette is broad, composed of naturally influenced neutrals, midtones and deeper mineral hues, offset by a series of brights derived from tropical vegetation.

Stylistically, this collection pairs well with textured cottons and linens as well as transitional and contemporary scale patterns. The satin glazed beads will also complement drier silks with subtle luster, such as Dupioni. The Seychelles collection will accentuate your vision in a myriad of environments from resort to home and library to juvenile.


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­PALAIS Collection

Palais honors the aesthetic of traditional grandeur and reinterprets those elements in an exquisite collection of silk passementerie to enrich the most luxurious interiors of today.

The Palais collection is synonymous with grandeur inspired by the ornamentation of Versailles and other chateaux of its likeness within 17th century France. It employs traditional documentary elements of various silk covered flowers, jasmine hangers, complex jacquard braids and luxurious hand tied silk tassel fringes.

Handmade braided guipures, silk covered wire coils, layered rosettes and overhangers of jasmines inspired by 17th century documentary trimmings were amongst the transcending elements in the trimming of the Palais collection. The historical context provides a foundation for creating a luxurious ornate formal collection that complements today‘s interiors.

Woven of silk, the Palais collection offers a comprehensive spectrum of pattern and sumptuous color. The collection portrays exquisite complexity and craftsmanship as evidenced in multiple sizes of plaited cords on tape, dimensional guipure coil jacquard border, lush scallop tassel fringe and cut fringe with hand crafted jasmines.

The single tassel tieback is adorned with hand covered silk, coil edged leaves & petals as well as cascading silk guipure floral jasmines that elevate the collection’s level of detail and sophistication. It is complimented by the double tassel tieback whose mold is embellished with a crisscross of guipures and whose skirt is embellished with hangers of tassels. The Palais key tassel and rosette mirror characteristics from both.

Palais’ color palette is composed of several traditional combinations exhibited by Botanique and Claret, while the subtle mix of gold and dove in Oro or the vibrant fuchsia and chartreuse of Jardin, are more evocative of today’s vision.

The Palais collection employs intricate elements, highly complex weave structures, and a mélange of deeply saturated hues. It honors the aesthetic of traditional grandeur and reinterprets those elements in an exquisite collection of silk passementerie to enrich the most luxurious interiors of today.